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The Full Size Chevy Nationals
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Latest Full Size Chevy Nationals News
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There are a series of major changes to this years event among those is the additon of a separate Grand National Competition and fees involved with that competition. First we will cover the judging procedures for the event.

1. Judges

2. Judging Times

3. Certificates and judging sheets

Judges for this years event will not be chosen from volunteers as has been the case in the past instead teams of official MAIA judges already pre-qualified will be on hand to judge. Confusion at last years event has prompted this decision and we feel that we can better handle the judging by going this route instead of the volunteer system.

Grand National Competition Judging Times for the event will be as follows:

Friday June 23 12 noon to 4:30 pm Early bird judging for cars in the showfield and cleaned up and ready. This judging will be voluntary.

Saturday June 24: Judging will begin at 9:00 am and cars will be judged when they are cleaned up and ready to go. Instead of waiting until noon to begin judging as in the past. We feel that we will be able to better judge the cars and have results ready quicker by going this route.

Judging sheets will be available beginning at 9am Sunday June 25 at the MAIA tent in the show field. Tom and others will be on hand for 1 hour after the event to handle these request. We will not mail these certificates or judging sheets.

Grand National Competition

In previous years all cars were judged using the 1000 points judging system to determine the Grand National Champions and after further review it has occurred that it is entirely too much work for so few judges to accomplish, as well as the fact many participants simply dont care if their car receives a score or not. This has lead to the first major change to the FSCN.

Change 1:
This years event will actually see a 3 class Grand National Competition added where participants who wish to have their car judged using the system will be classified either
A. Stock/Original
B. Semi Modified or
C. Modified.
This classification system is based upon the previously published FSCN rules adopted in 2003.
Cars wishing to participate in the FSCN Grand National Competition will be required to pay a $10 additional entry fee to the Mid Atlantic Impala Association and in addition to the entry in the FSCN GN they will also be entered into the 2006 Old Car Championship Series Competition.
Grand National Award winners will have their trophy presented to them at the stage on Sunday afternoon if they are able to attend, if not we will present these trophies on Saturday as well. Grand National Competitors will need to take the OCCS test before leaving Carlisle.

Change 2:
Since in previous years we have used the 1000 point system to determine winners in the respective FSCN classes separate classes from the fun field competition we have determined we will use Autorama style judging to determine the winners of their classes and awards will be distributed according to the score their car receives as a result. These awards will be announced and distributed in the FSCN awards ceremony on Saturday evening.