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The Full Size Chevy Nationals
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Divisions and Classes
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Original / Stock - Cars appearing primarily as they could be ordered or as produced by the factory in either thier original or restored state. Up to 2 minor changes are allowed overall NO MAJOR CHANGES ALLOWED.

Semi Modified - Cars appearing primarily as produced at the factory but having 3 - 4 minor changes or 1-2 major changes in the various areas.

Modified - Cars having 5 or more minor modifications or 3 or more major changes in the various areas.

Areas: Exterior, Interior, Engine/Compartment, Driveline, Trunk, Undercarriage, and Wheels and Tires.

Minor Changes: Minor Changes are changes to the automobile that either add to or take away from the features offered as standard oor optional in the year of manufacture. These Changes appear non-original or are in the criteria listed below.

Each Count Individually

Tires (radial or raised white letter)
Aftermarket Wheels or Hub Caps
Chrome / Billet Dress Kits
Aftermarket A/C (Dealer Installed OK) must document
Aftermarket Radio (unless original or delete plate is in place)
Air Shocks
Steering Wheel
Plug Wires
Non Factory Gauges
Carpeted Trunk
Fog Lights
Permanently mounted Speakers
Model Specific Body Moldings, Emblems, and tail-lights etc.
Stainless Steel exhaust
Non Original Muffler
Tailights (Blue Dot)
Headlamps (pther than Original)
Shifter Handle and Knob
Floor Mats

Major Changes: A Major Change is an addition to or subtraction from the automobile that drastically affects the appearance or performance of the vehicle as offered by the manufacturer.

Each Count Individually

Engine / Transmission Change: A major change has occurred if the replacement engines cubic inch displacement was not available for the year of manufacture or the engine does not appear as the original engine would have - ie. Non original fuel injected engine, or blowers.
Transmissions must specifically match the model year in which it is installed. ex. a turbo 400 transmission in a 63 Impala is a major change.

Suspension Modification - Springs, airbags, or hydraulics,used to alter the original manufacturers height of the vehicle.

Body - Adding to or taking away from the body of the vehicle as it would have appeared from the manufacturer. ie. shaved door handles, chopped top, louvers, tubular grilles, custom paint, flame jobs, etc. Non original Paint colors are allowed as long as the color on the vehicle matches a color offered in the year of manufacture.

Other changes - Custom Interiors, Custom Steering Column, Running or Effect lighting, etc.

Safety Related Items such as the addition of seat belts, or replacement parts where the original style part may not be readily available will not be considered a change.

Models Eligible for Show:

1. Bel Air 1958-1975
2. Biscayne 1958-1972
3. Caprice 1965-1976
4. Delray 1958
5. El Camino 1959-1960
6. Impala 1958-1976
7. Nomad 1958-1961
8. Super Sport (Impala 1961-1969)
9. Station Wagon Models
a Yeoman
b Brookwood
c Parkwood
d Kingswood
e Bel Air
f Biscayne
g Impala
h Caprice
i Townsman
j Kingswood Estate
k Caprice Estate

Original / Stock, Semi Modified Classes:
Modified Classes: