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The Full Size Chevy Nationals
Rules and Regulations
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Participation Requirements
Rules and Regulations
Divisions and Classes
Judging Sheets
All GM Nationals Registration

Below is listed the complete Rules and Regulations for the Full Size Chevy Nationals 


Mid Atlantic Impala Association Rules Governing the Full Size Chevy Nationals


I Eligibility


  1. Registration


  1. All Cars Participating in the Full Size Chevy Nationals must have paid admission to the All GM Nationals and have received a Carlisle fun-field registration number.
  2. All owners wishing to have their cars judged in the Full Size Chevy Nationals must have registered their cars with the Mid Atlantic Impala Association prior to 12:00 pm June 25, 2005


  1. Models Eligible for the Full Size Chevy Nationals


  1. All full size Chevrolet models produced from 1958-1990 are eligible to participate. The models meeting the criteria are listed below.
  1. Bel Air 1958-1975
  2. Biscayne 1958-1972
  3. Caprice 1965-1990
  4. Delray 1958
  5. El Camino 1959-1960
  6. Impala 1958-1985
  7. Nomad 1958-1961
  8. Super Sport (Impala 1961-1969)
  9. Station Wagon Models

1. Yeoman

2. Brookwood

3. Parkwood

4. Kingswood

5. Bel Air

6. Biscayne

7. Impala

8. Caprice

9. Townsman

10. Kingswood Estate

11. Caprice Estate


C. Other Chevrolet Models Not listed above


1. Models not listed in the list outlined in subsection B are not eligible to compete in the Full Size Chevy Nationals.


II Judging


  1. Divisions


  1. Original/Stock
  2. Semi Modified
  3. Modified


  1. Classes


  1. Original and Semi Modified Classes
  1. 1958
  2. 1959-1960
  3. 1961-1962
  4. 1963-1964
  5. 1965-1966
  6. 1967-1970
  7. 1971-1976
  • 1977-1990
    1. Modified Classes
    1. 1958-1960
    2. 1961-1964
    3. 1965-1966
    4. 1967-1970 
    5. 1971-1976
  • 1977-1990

    1. Judges


    1. Definition
    1. Any member of the Mid Atlantic Impala Association who volunteers to serve as a judge and attends the mandatory judges meeting
      1. Requirements

      a. Judges Meeting

      1. The judges meeting is mandatory for all volunteers wishing to serve as judges. Failure to comply will result in the disqualification of the volunteer as a judge.
      2. Location of the judges meeting will be held at the Mid Atlantic Impala Association tent and will be co-presided by the MAIA President and Sergeant at Arms.
      3. The time of the meeting is 11:00 am the day of the event. No Exceptions No Excuses.
      4. Topic of Discussion will be a general overview of the Judging rules and explanation of the judging sheet.


      1. Judges Rules
      1. Teams
      1. Each team will comprise of 3 Judges and 1 Chief Judge.
      1. Judges Score Sheet
      1. Each Judge will be handed a clean judging sheet by the Chief Judge to judge participants automobiles upon arrival at said automobiles.
      2. Each Judge shall check the number on the judging sheet against the number located on the Dash Card to insure the correct automobile is being judged
      3. The judge shall use his/her opinion in deducting points he/she deems necessary for each sub heading in a category.


      1. The judges sheet must be completely filled out before returning it to the Chief Judge. The judge shall sign his/her name to the sheet upon completion certifying he has accurately judged the vehicle to the best of his ability


      1. Judging of Automobiles


      1.      Judges expectations

      a.       Judges are expected to fairly and accurately judge the automobiles to the best of his/her ability

      2.      Participants and Disclosure

      a.       At NO time during the judging hours shall any judge address questions to or from any participants. He shall instead direct questions to his Chief Judge.

      b.      At No time shall any judge disclose the results of his findings to participants or fellow judges. He may only discuss these results with his Chief Judge for a period of 24 hours following the close of judging.

      3.      Disclaimer

        1. The rules set forth in this provision are mandatory in order to prevent the appearance of impropriety and to protect the judge as well as the integrity of the MAIA, the Full Size Chevy Nationals and Carlisle.


      1. Disqualification and Terms of Disqualification


      1. Any Judge found to be in possession of or marking on the judging sheet for his/her own or a family members automobile along with the automobile shall be disqualified from the event.
      2. Terms of Disqualification
        1. Any person found in violation shall be disqualified from all MAIA events including but not limited to meetings, shows, and the Full Size Chevy Nationals for a period of no less than 25 months.
        2. Any MAIA member found in violation shall permanently have his/her and their families membership revoked, and will have no right of  appeal.
      1. Chief Judge
      1. Duties
      1. Distribute and collect judging sheets for judges
      2. Serve as a liaison between judges and participants
      3. Total the score on each judges sheet and average the sum of the three score on each car.
      1. Qualifications and Rules
      1. Only MAIA officers, committee chairmen, or those appointed by the MAIA President may serve as Chief Judge.
      2. Chief Judges may not oversee the judging of a class in which his car or the car of a family member is participating. Chief Judges shall also be subject to the rules of disqualification.
      3. Chief Judges upon completion of the assigned classes shall bring their judging forms and the completed judging sheets to the MAIA Sergeant at Arms.
      4. Chief Judges shall not disclose the results of the judges findings to anyone for a period of 24 hours after completion of the event.



      III Participants


      1. Definition
      1. Any All GM Nationals entrant whose automobile meets the requirements for the full size Chevy Nationals and choosing to have their vehicle judged by the rules set forth herein.
      1. Right f Participation
      1. Any person possessing a vehicle meeting the minimum requirements set forth in these rules has the right to participate in the full size Chevy Nationals, unless he/she has been previously disqualified.
      1. Participants Rules
      1. Participants must abide by the rules set forth by Carlisle and herein.
      2. Participants shall not speak with or hinder judges in anyway, they shall address all questions to the chief judge.
      3. Participants should remain near or with their automobile until it is judged.


      IV Showfield Rules


      1. Adherence to the Rules
      1. All rules set forth by Carlisle as well as the rules set forth herein shall be followed at all times.
      1. Rules
      1. All automobiles must be as follows for judging
      1. Unlocked
      2. Have hood and deck-lid raised
      3. Convertible tops Up and latched
      4. All door and quarter windows closed
      5. Failure to follow these rules will result in 0 points being awarded for a portion of the car unable to be seen (ex. Closed hood will result in loss of points for engine compartment) and could drastically reduce the automobiles chances of winning.
      1. MAIA guidelines will determine final division placement.
      2. Judges decisions are Final and are not eligible for dispute.
      3. Judging sheets will be available upon written request to the MAIA on the Monday following the event and will remain available for 30 days and at that time they will be destroyed.
      4. Have Fun!


      V Awards


      1. Carlisle Fun-field
      1. All participants for event will remain eligible to win awards in the Carlisle Fun-field

      a. Awards will be presented by Carlisle based on the choice of show participants.

      1. Full Size Chevy National Awards
      1. Certificates
      1. Every participant will receive a certificate of achievement for their automobile based on the score it receives
      2. Types of Certificates
      1. Diamond Certificate 950 + points scored
      2. Sapphire Certificate 875 949 points scored
      3. Emerald Certificate 874 800 points
      4. Ruby Certificate 799 points and below
      5. Historical Preservation Award

      a. Awarded to Unrestored (less than 33%) Original Vehicles Only

      1. Specialty
      1. The following is a list of the Specialty awards to be presented by the Mid Atlantic Impala Association
      1. Longest Drive
      2. Best Paint*
      3. Best Engine*
      4. Attention to Detail*
      5. Participants Favorite** Ori, semi, & modified
      6. Spectators Favorite***
      7. MAIA Presidents Favorite
      8. MAIA Vice Presidents Favorite
      9. MAIA Secretarys Favorite
      10. MAIA Treasurers Favorite
      11. MAIA Events Coordinators Favorite
      12. MAIA Sergeant at Arms Favorite
      13. MAIA Kids Favorite
      14. MAIA Jr. Officers Favorite
      15. MAIA Ladies Favorite
      16. Club Participation
      17. MAIA from the Heart Award
      1. details
      1. * Chosen by MAIA members only
      2. **Chosen by Show Participants
      3. ***Chosen by random Spectators
      1. Class Awards
      1. To be presented by Carlisle

      1. 1st 2nd and 3rd in each class and category

      1. Grand National Champions Award
      1. MAIA Award of Excellence
      1. Original
      2. Semi Modified
      3. Modified
      1. This Award is presented to the vehicle scoring the greatest amount of points in its category.


      VI Determination of Category

      A. MAIA Rules

      1. The MAIA will determine by examining the vehicles which category a car will be placed in, using club guidelines.
      2. This determination will not be subject to appeal.
      3. Questions about originality must be answered by the owner and the burden of proof is placed solely on the owner of the vehicle in question.


      VII Show Disclaimer


      1. Disclaimer
      1. In acceptance of the right to participate, I hereby release the Mid Atlantic Impala Association; local municipalities, Carlisle Productions, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania; and anyone connected with management or presentation of these events, from any and all known and unknown liabilities or damages that may be suffered by any entrant or spectator, to his person or property while traveling to or from, or while participating in the event.
      2. The officers and members of the Mid Atlantic Impala Association will do all in its power to cooperate with participants to insure a good show. We respectfully ask the entrants do the same.

    Rules are to be used as a guideline and are subject to change without notice all changes will be published at the event.

    Questions or Comments Call (540) 664 9273