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The Full Size Chevy Nationals
Participation Requirements
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Participation Requirements
Rules and Regulations
Divisions and Classes
Judging Sheets
All GM Nationals Registration

Full Size Chevy Nationals
Sponsored by: Mid Atlantic Impala Association

Minimum Requirements for Participation
in the Full Size Chevy Nationals

1. Must have paid entry fee for the All GM Nationals to Carlisle Events.
2. Must have an automobile meeting the make model requirements for each class.
3. Must be willing to have automobile judged using the Mid Atlantic Impala Associations, 1000 point judging system.
4. All automobiles participating in the Full Size Chevy Nationals, must be registered with the Mid Atlantic Impala Association,  prior to 11:00 am eastern on June 14, 2003.

Eligible Models
Bel Air      1958 - 1976
Biscayne    1958 - 1972
Caprice      1965 - 1990
Del Ray      1958
El Camino  1959 - 1960
Impala        1958 - 1985
Nomad       1958 - 1961
Full Size Station Wagons
Impala Bel Air Caprice Biscayne platform 1958 - 1990
Super Sport  1961 - 1969 Impala ONLY
All other Chevrolet models are ineligible to participate in this event and is NOT subject to dispute or review.